German Church Book Portal now also available in English

Those with German ancestors sure know the German Church Book Portal. So far it has been available in German only, but now you can browse the website in English too, please use this link: German Church Book Portal – English Version.

If you want to switch from English to German version (or the other way round), please use the option in the top right corner:

Archion Language

You have never heard of this portal before? Please read more about it in English on Dick Eastman’s blog here.

In case you are interested in receiving their English Newsletter in future, please use the link below from the extract of the Archion-Newsletter 6/2016, it said:

Now also available in English

We are pleased that we can also offer you the Archion-Newsletter in English in the future. The reason is the increasingly strong interest from all over the world, especially the United States.

If you want to receive this and other Newsletters in English translation, simply click on the link below:

I want to receive the Archion-Newsletter in English